Voice Over Agent Alliance

Dear Fellow Agents,

The members of the VO Agent Alliance are reaching out in the hope that you will support our ongoing efforts to keep our industry fair, transparent and profitable.

The Wall Street-funded acquisition of Voicebank last summer created a shock wave in our industry. Out of that acquisition and subsequent folding of the VB platform, we have witnessed what we believe are efforts to steer producers away from Union and towards non-Union talent, to take advantage of falling rates and unacceptable terms, oftentimes bypassing agents entirely.

Here’s one example of the many recent job postings we have seen that includes “all cuts/ edits/ lifts/ versions/ tags” included – which is becoming more prevalent in the non-Union world. It shows a potential loss to the talent of close to $200k. Our President has prepared a short 4-minute video just for agents addressing this concern:

Video from VOAA President

We welcome your thoughts and hope you will join the conversation either individually or by considering membership in the VO Agent Alliance. Only together can we protect our industry and our businesses.

Respectfully yours,
The VO Agent Alliance

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